Earrings for women for detox and slimming

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Product Description:
1. Product Name: 1 Pair Magnetic Therapy Weight Loss Earrings Slim Ear Studs Patch Health Jewelry
2. Product size: ball diameter 1cm (0.4in), earrings overall 2cm (0.8in)
3. Product color: rose gold, color, silver
4. Product material: alloy

1. Decompression: Shiatsu weight loss earrings not only help lose weight, but also effectively promote better sleep, relieve anxiety, and reduce stress.
2. Appetite suppression: Non-piercing acupressure earrings, overcome hunger and suppress appetite. Natural weight loss is ideal for those who need to lose weight.
3. FITS EVERYONE: The ear studs are designed to be worn by both men and women, suitable for all types of people, lightweight and easy to put on and take off. It can better showcase your personality and style.

Shipping includes:
a pair of earrings